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Best Cheapest Cars For Students & Single Moms

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Written by Leena Jenner

Hello, Friends in this article going to share the top 10 cheapest Car which College Student, Single moms, Veteran & Low Budget Families can buy this car. If you live in the United States then you can also take Part to the Free Cars Charity Program. Before to buy a car you need to have a Valid driving License is Mandatory. Poor Families have a very small Budget to buy a car and complete their Own car dreams.

The car is the best vehicle for transportation, Millions of students live far from their college & Universities and its very time consuming to choose the Public transportation system. If you are planning to buy an affordable car then read till the full Post.

Best Affordable Cars for College Students & Single Moms

We have covered many points which will help to choose your right car. Always Before to Purchase car list your Need on Paper. That’s will help you to pick the right car in your Budget. The car came with various Model Varients. Those variants have more features but, You can simply add those features from local markets. Choose the Basic Variant its have Low Price. Avoid adding extra Insurance & other add-ons.

How to Find a Student-Friendly Car

We have covered many points which will help to choose your right car. Always Before to Purchase car list your Need on Paper. That’s will help you to pick the right car in your Budget. The car came with various Model Varients. Those variants have more features but, You can simply add those features from local markets. Choose the Basic Variant its have Low Price. Avoid adding extra Insurance & other add-ons.

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Insurance Costs

Many times a car seller take extra money as the name of the Insurance. But then when you purchased the car it already comes with the 3-5 years Insurance. Check the bill at buying time.  If you are a student then you can get apply for a free car.

Sticker Price

The Sticker Price of the car is always high. Mostly they add other Parts & increased the car Price from up to $10,000 to $20,000 (MSRP). Normal Cars price should be around from $15000 to $27000. Where SUV cars Cost around $30000 up to $45000. And, Luxury Brands are higher than it. The smallest basic Mercedes cost around $27000.

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Top Affordable Cars for College Students

These ten car models are among the cheapest, safe, and best for college students, Single moms, Veterans, and low-income families. If you have a sufficient budget then always prefer to purchase the new car. Because when you sell it you get some good money.

These listed models are analyzed by our team from the last 6 months. These car models are Mileage efficient, Lower Price and best.

If you are a Single mother who wants the car then you can apply for Free cars for Single mom Program

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1.Jeep Wrangler car for Veterans

This car Perfect for veterans because of they can carry extra Luggage on it back

  • Road Price: $25,945
  • Used Price Range: $4,000 (fair condition and older model year priced) to $33,000 (excellent condition, newer model year, top trim with all available options)
  • Engine Mileage: 27/29 MPG
  • IIHS Crash Safety: Poor (side) to good (front)

Best affordable cars for student and single moms, low income Family

The Jeep Wrangler is SUV type car with Fully capable to drive on the rough road. The Wrangler sale is gone high on last month because of less fuel efficient, attracting Price range and Advanced Features. This is Great for students and veterans. They can also run own Package delivery cargo business.

The Radio430N version comes with the Android & iOS auto play entertainment system. Keyless entry features include Electronic Stability Control and Electronic adjustable eat, both of which are popular in this model.

Best Sedan Car For College Students

The next Generation Hyundai Verna is the best sedan car for College students. Any student who needs Luxury with comfort in Low budget sedan car can buy this Car. This car Perfectly for those students who travel daily a lot. The Hyundai upgraded model Launched the last year and after that makes a strong Position in the mid-range Sedan Market.

cars for college students

Hyundai has launched the Verna in total, seven models in Petrol and Diesel Version. When you drive this car on road you will fill the best comfort and Luxury. The Best feature of this car is Front two air cool seats and electric Sunroof. The company has given a total of six airbags and strongest brake for the Safety. The Look wise Verna gets full marks when compared to other competitors.

2019 Mazda 3: The new 2019 Mazda 3 is the compact sedan car with Strong and Powerful Engine. Last year the Mazda old variant is the Highest selling car in the United States. Mazda car engine is very quiet when you drive the car and fuel efficient.

Cars for College Students

The Interior of the car is soft leather touch and the seats are very comfortable. In the top model of Mazda 3, you will get seven-inch touch screen entertainment with the support of android autoplay, iOS Play, and Bluetooth. The Front and back both side you will get High Definition camera. The Mazda3 has stylish led tail Lampas which you give the feel of Ferrari Supercar.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla comes with the Manual Transmission option in the Top Variant of the car. The look wise car is average but the engine and chases material are used is very Good. The Toyota Corolla back passengers seats have classic legroom with the Air conditioner system have back. This car front has two attractive design headlights and Fog Lights also.

The Toyota Corolla has a six-inch infotainment system but the user interface and response time is not much Good. You can directly play the song from your smartphone via Android autoPlay and Apple car Play.

Here We listed the best car for college students who want the best car in low Price. If you want any other car in List or have any issue then comment below. We reached you soon and try to clear your doubts related to cars.

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  • Hello,
    I really need a car. My jeep is 2015, engine light on, cracked windshield, bald tires, needs brakes, heater gone. I have two young children that depend on me and I need help. I have two torn ACL’s need to get to dr appointments, the childrens appointments and school events, food store and im afraid im going to lose my job because the jeep has had it and i dont have the money for all these repairs. Please help me as soon as you can or i will lose my job.

  • Hi. I am currently living at the YWCA and will be coming to the end if my lease here. I really would appreciate having a car in order to move me and my daughter closer to my family for support. I know a vehicle would come in handy. Please help if you can. God bless.

  • Hi,
    My name is David Garcia. I am a veteran, a full time student, and also a parent of a full time college student. My daughter is going a way for college and I had to give her my car so she can move around as she needs. Even though I am full time employed, I do not have the funds to buy a car for me a this time, therefore, I will have to catch a ride with someone or ride my bike to and from work every day. please let me know if I qualify to get a car from you for less money than from the car dealership.


  • I need help applying for a car, i’m a single mother and I really need a car so can work. Please help! Thanks so much

  • Hello,
    My name Is Samantha and I am a single mother. I had domestic violence issues with my child’s father. I have full costudy of my daughter but when served papers to go to court for custody, my ex took my only vehicle. Sadly it was in both our names, as a result I could not report the vehicle missing. So I am without a car and stuck struggling to transport my daughter to school, and me to work. We are stuck walking for hours to go grocery shopping, school, and work. Vehicle would make things easier for me to provide fully for my daughter.
    Thank you so much,

  • Good afternoon, My name is Julie and I am interested in your program for assistance with this matter.. I am pregnant and due to give birth in March.. l am also single and looking for work but since it’s been hard for me to find a way to get around I am turning to your program as a matter of desperation.. I was evicted and also lost my car back in 2015 due to a stressful relationship and I’m finally free from it but I lost my job in the process.. Please let me know if you can help me.. I can definitely pay for my car insurance and I am turning to selling and hopefully I make it big with what I am studying for.. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you soon and have a great day..

  • Looking for help please
    My sister is a single mom with 2 kids and lives in South Africa Johannesburg.
    Her car has broken down so many times that she has to get a bus or uber, not safe for children.
    How do we go about this please.

  • Hi my name is heather I am a single mom of 3 I have been trying to get child support for over 2 years I have been paycheck to paycheck my kids will eat before I do and my truck broke down I can’t get a new car because I have nothing to give or put down I would be fine if I had my child support but unfortunately I am not receiving it why I don’t know he works for the sheriffs office in witch the same place that is supposed to Serve him but unfortunately they can’t get a hold of him at home and they won’t serve him at work so here I am in a bind with trying to find rides for my kids to school and rides for me to work if you have any ideas of how to help I am greatly Appreciate it

  • Hi my name is Anthony, recently the motor blew on my 2012 dodge avenger. The cost to fix it is not cheap and replacing the motor is going to lead them to finding more issues. I am currently pursuing legal action against those that sold it to me but for the time being it still leaves me without a vehicle. I am currently rated at 80% diasabled by the VA and am a full time employee at the hospital. Without a vehicle it is costing me too much money to get back and forth to work so I havent been able to come up with a needed downpayment on a new vehicle. I need some help.

  • Hello my name is Felicia. I recently left my daughter’s father due to his drug problem, and controlling issues. I’m in need of a car to help get back on my feet, and be able to transport us where we need to go. It would also help us to get to our appointment without the worry, if anyone will be available, or having to cancel or reschedule do to no means of being able to attend. I’m also trying to apply for jobs, with no reliable means of transportation. A car would not only help me to get a job, but to help raise money so I can put my daughter in daycare while I work. I have a family member who can watch her temporarily, but they don’t drive. I’m trying to start a better life for my daughter and I, and I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get. Thank you for your time and I hope you can help us.

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