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Best Car Tips for Winter Weather

Tips for winter weather for cars
Written by Leena Jenner

Winter is the Season when you need to take more care of your car if you live in snowy Place. Many drivers have challenged to prepare their car for winter because it’s come with some Problems. During winter car faces ice roads, Ice freeze on the car, ice roads, Engine start Problem and much more. The main problem is car slides on the ice when you drive the car and it’s the most dangerous situation you face. So, here are the some best car tips for winter weather for your car.  Just follow this tips to ready your car for next winter season.

Best Winter Safety Tips For Your Car

People love the winter season because the weather feels so good and snowy everywhere. We love to play with snow but snow becomes a danger when it comes to the road. Snow makes the surface slippery so car tires would slide. In the united states, most of the accident happened in the winter season because of snows. Here, we have given some tips for winter season use this tips on your car.

Replace Car Tires with Winter Tires

Car Tyres is very important because all of the car weight comes on that. During summer car tire works perfectly and not slide but during winter & monsoon on the road have water & snow so, friction between car tires and road have very less. That’s why car tires spinning on ice. If your old car tire is wiped or not have winter grade tire then you need to instantly replace with a new set of tire. Otherwise, you face some serious Problem while driving.

Winter car tyres

If you travel in the area when every day snowfall comes then you need to use snow chains on tyres, that Increase friction between tires & Roads. This snow chains are very cheap you can easily buy them from local shops and online.

Tips for Snow Tires:

  • Use Both sides same size winter Tire to maintain balance and grip apply to all area.
  • Winter tier depth is more than normal season tire and the price of a little bit higher than the normal one.
  • They are made from thick rubbers and rubber Design on the tire is More.

Must, use this car tips before the winter start and drive safety do not over speed. When you check tires also check all breaks are working Properly or not. Because chances of accident increase in winter so much compared to summer.

Buy New Defroster and heater for Your Car

Defroster and heater are very useful when a car outside Temperature is high and the snow freeze on Car Front Glass. When you start Defroster it will flow hot air in the car so the outside freeze snow slowly melting and also it keeps your car temperature hot more than car heater. If your old defroster is not working then repair it.

Portable snow defroster

It feels so good to travel in cold weather with the extra portable car heater because it will create a huge difference between the outdoor and indoor in the car. This heater will come with three Powerful deserts, sun and heat mode.

When you set Desert mode then you can melt ice which is a freeze on your dashboard glass. Sun mode will create a warm temperature in car and heater mode throw hot air from it. To spend on money on this Product worth it.

Change Your Car Head Lights

Normal halogen light throws maximum light when it becomes hot but during the chill weather those Light not work Perfect, And not giving Good Visibility while driving. You can change them with the Led Bulbs or DRL Light. Both of them give you good visibility in snow Fall condition. These Led Prices start at 10$ and goes up to 100$. Prices are very on between different brands and Quality of Life. And, they are available in Amazon, Wallmart and local cars spare part shop.

You can also add Led Fog lights in your car. This will Help when foggy Outside and you have to drive in this weather. The highway authority recommends using fog lights when visibility drops below 100m. This Product Worth it to buy for winter Fog Conditions.

Check Battery Water Level of your car

Most of us will face an engine starting issue in the car during the winter season because the battery becomes weak So, Propper current are not coming on the Spark plug.  You need to maintain a water level before the winter season. Electric battery works on chemical water and Plates which are inside of them.

If your battery is weak and old more than five years than you need to replace the battery. We recommend you to do volt test on the battery and remove blue rusting on a wire. When you start your car in the winter season that time 2 minutes start the only engine so it will be warm up and some battery also charged.

Maintain the Car Wiper Performance

In the winter season during snowfall car wipers will be scratch your car Glass because of the rubber on its tough and ice stuck on them. We recommend you to check winter blad before the winter season. If wipers need to change then replaced with a new pair of sets. Mostly car wipers are cheap but still, price varies on your car model. You can buy them from online or nearest wallmart store.

Keep a habit of replacing your car wiper after every 8-10 months. It also helps to clean snow from the glass during snowfall. If snow quantity is too much on wiper then do not use them. To remove those ice apply water and salt solution on them it will melt ice on windshield glass.

We have Shared best car tips for winter weather to increase Performance of your car. You need to really try this by ownself. If you have any query regarding winter accessories then comment below our team will try to help you. Please share this article with your friends and family.

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