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Best Car Maintenance Tips to Increase Performance

Car Maintenance tips to increase Performance
Written by Leena Jenner

Everyone loves their car and want to get most out of their Vehicle. You also expect from your car that my car should be work Perfect, especially you spend Good amount of money on it. To take Best Performance from the car you have to also take some care of car then your car will give you continuous Performance and Keep you away from their High Car Repairing Charges. Here we sharing you some best car Maintainance tips that will increase the Lifespan of Vehicle. You have to just follow the tips every month which we have posted. So, Read article till below.😊😊

How to Do Maintenance of Car?

The term maintenance is referred to keep check & Maintain the machinery Performance as before. It’s very important to do maintenance of any mechanical machinery otherwise the parts of the machine not work Properly and creates Big Serious Problems. Imagine you going on Highway with full speed and suddenly your brakes are not working then? It creates a dangerous situation like the worst nightmare. That’s why recommend you to do regular car maintenance and🔧 checkup.

Before the doing Maintenance by yourself understand the procedures and hows the Particular part works. If you have a good luxury car and does not want to make their hands dirty during this Process then you can go with the nearest mechanic. And, the car checkup prices also are nominal so, low budget People can also checkup their🛠 car.

Car Engine Maintainance

The Engine is the heart of your car if you keep your car heart healthy it will give you the best Performance to you. Every car owner has same one Question in mind how often should you have change car Engine oil. The car mechanic recommends after every 5,500 km and the car manufactures suggesting 10-12k Km now who’s the right?

 Maintenance of car engine

Here are some tips for Engine oil

Check your car manual given by showroom dealer when you Purchasing the car. Now the technology has changed modern car engine replaced after the oil after 9000km and old car engine need to replace after every 5000km.

    • Refer car manual to check engine oil Period.
    • Note vehicle-km and that impact on the oil.
    • Every car Engine has one dipstick to check engine oil level keep eye on that level.
    • If the engine oil is black & density high then you need to change the engine oil Urgently.

Note Down the Km every time when you change the Engine oil every time. Using this method you can also keep an eye on the engine. If any Problem in engine happens then oil becomes more fastly black &  density becomes high.

Car Radiator:

The car radiator is the essential Part of the Engine its circulate the air flow & Hydrant water to the engine to cool down and Maintain Temperature of Engine. You have to maintain the Water level. It’s should be between Minimum and maximum level. If the radiator is overheating that clearly indicating the Problem in car Engine.

You have to check the level of hydrant water every week. Sometimes radiator also leaking that will cause serious effect on the engine.

Note: Check Hydrant water when the car is Off otherwise the hot water burnt your face.

How to Maintain Car tyres?

To keep Maintain tyres in a car very important. Because all of the Pressure of car comes on Weight. Only tyres are the thing which touches to earth. Car tier wears after some time usage. So, that’s why you have to need always maintain your car tyres.

Rotate Car tyres

Tyre Tips:

  1. Regularly Check car tyre Pressure, It will also impact on car Mileage.
  2. Rotate Your tyres after every Six months.
  3. Check wheel Alignment of your car after every Six Months.
  4. Spare tyre & Jack also working fine for Emergency Situations.

You can also talk with your service centre for Wheel Alignment. Never Fit small tyres with less load capacity in car But you can use Outside Alloy & Rims to increase Look of Car tyres.

Break Checks:

Check your Car tyres breaks are working fine or not. Car break failure situation create so many Dangour Situations. That’s why car breaks are very Important. Check Every month your car breaks are working fine or not.

Here are some tips for Break Maintainance

  • If your car steering vibration when you slow your car or stop then need to check your break.
  • If any Hard metal grinding sound comes then you need to do oiling in car brake.
  • When your car takes more time before then to stop then you have to check your car brake pedal.

Any sound coming from the tyre when you apply brake then you also have to do a checkup of your car brake.

How to Maintain Car Body Part?

To Maintain body part of the car is good because it keeps rusting away from car here some car body and accessories maintenance Tips to increase the value of the car when you going to sell your car.

Wash your Car:

Washing your car can keep dust away and looks better. It also keeps rusting away. Washing can remove dirty mud from the underside of the body. To wash out your car also clean insects, Birds Poo, dirt, chemical and a thin layer of Pollution from the car body.

How to Maintain Car Body

Wash your car with Sponge or any cotton cloths and use car cleaner or take shampoo and rub on Paint then clean it with Normal Water. you can also clean your car with automatic car washer. Clean car tyre with old Toothbrush and Polish them with tyre Wax, Also Polish car Paint after the washing.

Clean your car Ac filter also during the car wash. To cleaning car ac filter increase the air conditioner Performance.

So, In this Post, we have shared the best car maintenance tips to increase your car Performance. IF you have still any query or question then please comment below our team will try to help as much soon. Please share our article with your friends and relatives and tell them why car maintenance is important.

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