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Written by Leena Jenner

Vehicles for Vets is a campaign to help more than 20 million veterans across the country. Cars for vets is the part of a vehicle for Vets campaign. As we all know our United States Veterans force is the number one in the world because of our courage and sacrifice of veterans. We also celebrate 11 November as a veterans day but that’s not an only enough. Our Male and Female Veterans facing a huge problem after they discharged from their duty and now at a home. They are facing unemployment or not suitable high Paid Jobs in the world. It’s our duty to help our lifesavers by donating Cars for them to support cars for vets.

If you are veterans and want the free car then also read the post. We help you by giving a car or any Vehicles which you want. We Posted how veterans get the free car under Vehicles for Vets Campaign.

What are Vehicles for Vets?

There are many Veterans are come back home after the Discharge and now facing mental health issue, lack of money and stress. Sadly many veterans committed suicide last year. Many veterans are handicapped and have to go daily for Hospital. Vehicles for vets and cars for vets campaign start for them to help and make their lives good. If you want to donate a vehicle for them and help then we show you how to donate a vehicle for vets and if you are veterans and want the free car then we show you how veterans get a free car.

The government started some campaign to help veterans but not all veterans are getting benefits of that. That’s why some charity Organizations and non-profit organization and Free cars for Charity decided to help them. The government also supports this organization. The Donators will get the tax deduction in their tax returns.

This campaign only running for help veterans, not for our Personal Benifits so Please take a part in charity organization and help our veterans who truly deserve Good Life. Donate your Vehicle in this Campaign and be a Good Citizen.

We guide you how you can get a car from Charity Organization like cars for veterans, the vehicle for veterans and also how to donate the car. We have many Business ideas to earn money for veterans, you can read about that money making idea Latter.

How to Donate Cars for Vets?

We were heartily Thankful to all those people who really want to donate their old vehicles, Boats, Bikes, and cars for vets.  Donating something to someone helps so much in their life and also helps you in the tax deduction Process. By selling those vehicles give you only some money but donating gives happiness, Makes you feel good and it teach your children to the importance of Generosity.

Vehicle for veterans

Types of vehicles for vets Donation Accepted

Here we listed some vehicles categories which we accept for the vehicles for vets donation.

  • Two Wheelers:- We accept Old Bicycles, Bikes, Motorcycles, Scooters, Electric bikes, Family cargo bike and much more.
  • Four Wheelers: We accept small cars, sedan cars, Hatchback SUV, Taxi, Minivans, Trucks, Sports car whatever you want to donate which you think.
  • Water Vehicles: Your old Fishing boats, Airboats, Canoes, Rodney Boat, Sailboats, Yachts, jet skis, and houseboats.
  • Specialty Vehicles: Your old Wheel Chairs, Old Farm tool, lawn cutters, Snowmobiles, Golf carts, and other specialty Vehicles.
  • Cargo Vehicles: You can donate us Big cargo trucks, Small Trucks, Trailers, Cargo Vans, Small vans, Camping trailers, and other vehicles.

Before the Donating car, you have all original cars Paper and car should not have used in any criminal activity. For Donating Car Follow the below steps.

  • Contact Charity

After Finalize what you want to donate Just call the charity. Then they asked for the vehicles details liked car model, Year, Mileage, Vehicle Number, Your home address and some other additional information. Please Give valid information to them.

  • Schedule Free Pickup Service

During the call, you will ask for your preferred time, date and address to pick up your vehicle. The Charity Organizers will provide free Pickup Service, you have not to pay any additional extra money for Scheduled Pickup. Please be present at the location at Pickup time. Sometimes the Pickup should delay 3-4 Hours because of heavy work.

  • Receive tax-deductible receipt

Mostly all charity organization sends the tax-deductible receipt in the Mail. But ask twice time during the call process about the deductible receipt. When your car was given to someone veteran under cars for vets campaign that time they will mail the receipt.

How to Receive Vehicles for Vets?

We know how hard to live without a vehicle especially on live a location where lack of Public transportation available. That’s why we helping to give a free car for Vets. We help vets to receive a free car, Free Boats. This vehicles for vets help them to in Manyway. If some veteran is disabled when the car is good to go for Hospital.

cars for vets

If someone wants to start a small delivery business then a small pickup truck is good for him. Free cars for charity also giving taxi to veterans so they can earn enough money for the family. We also Providing Farming tools like tractors, trailer if you want to do it. You can also start a Food truck Business that will give you decent money with Low Investment.

You have to specify in the application which types of you vehicles needed, And, for what Purpose you need that car. After analyzing your requirement charity as Gives you Free vehicles.

We have shared all the details regarding Vehicles for vets and cars for vets. Our humble request to all you donate your old vehicle and make a smile on our Brave Lifesavers veterans. Veterans also contact us we will try to give you a vehicle as much as Quickly. During apply cars for vets if you faced any Difficulty then Please Comment below.

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  • My name is Jamicia Pinder and I am a Veteran in need of a vehicle. I have 3 small children who are in school. I recently had to stop the classes I was taking to finish my degree. How can I apply for a car to be donated? I do not have a job right now and I am separated from my husband. Please help.

  • Disabled gulf war veteran in need of a car to go to va appointments, grocery shop, an transport 3 daughters since my wife has passed. Living on va disability an cant afford to buy one. Would appreciate any help. .. Chris Hayslip 727 657 3226

  • Due to my truck dying last July 2018 I’ve been financially unable to procure another to give me hauling freedom I can’t obtain from the city busses here in Albany, NY. I desperately seek another truck, mid-sized preferred, to allow me to move items for others to give them relief from their problems of needing items moved to another business.
    I served in the USAF during the Viet-Nam war era thus I’m a “Wing Nut”, and have health problems that come with age thus my need is urgent.
    Thanks, David L Frisby

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