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Written by Leena Jenner

Free cars for charity has launched free cars for veterans program under the Veterans Affairs Program. We offer veterans to free cars, free boats, and money. You are the pride of our Nation and we want to honor you. You already did a lot for our Nation. That’s a small gift from us to your Bravery.

Armed Force is a very hard job, you live away from your family and Protecting our country as a risk to your own life. You always think first of the country and then your family. Now times to give a returned gift to you and your Family. This times to keep happy your little family by free cars. Plan your next weekend trip with the new car under the free cars for the Veterans Program. Get cars for disabled vets for reliable transportation

During Armfoces day you got attacked by enemy some get handicapped and some are the martyr. You are very lucky to the god who survives whole armed carriers and retires now. In the armed force carrier, everybody is not highly ranked and there are some veterans who find it difficult to fulfil their family basics needs with the retirement amount they are getting. They also have family and they also have expectations of their father.

The sad truth is the government not taking much care of veterans who have serving whole life to Nation. We offer cars for veterans in need. Now Serval Organizations are running the campaign as a disabled veterans car donation and providing the free cars for disabled vets.

Benefits of Donate car to veterans

Veterans whole life is full of struggle, they have seen that dark danger nights, training periods, the pain of died brothers in wars and many more which cannot be explained by words. By donating cars to veterans help them to provide a reliable transportation system for them and their family. Help those Brave men and women who spend their whole life to surviving a nation. We help single moms, Students, low-income families and people in need to get a free car from government.

Donate cars For veterans

Car Donation from people like you can help to bring assistance in need! We request you to donate your car and also request to your friends, families, and neighbors to do the same. The Vehicles For Veterans is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit vehicle donation organization. That means donors receive many benefits as well. Your car donation earns you a 100 percent tax-deductible receipt. When you file your taxes to the government, you can claim this huge deduction. It really pays to donate! and our donation process is so easy. Donate cars for vehicles for veterans.

Your cars for disabled vets help them to complete daily needs like going to supermarket, jobs, Picking up their children fro school, the Weekend trip with his/her family to spend last few times of life with Family. We give guarantees you to your cars donated to veterans receive surely.

Also, That’s a great way to get rid of from your old car. Car Donation is better than selling. After the selling, you get less amount but donating a car you also get a tax deduction when you return file tax. Your Donated car to disabled vets gets easy to travel on challenging locations like extreme cold and extreme heat. That’s why we provide vehicles for veterans.

The vehicles price sold for under $500, you can claim the current market car value up to $500.00 without any additional paperwork. The preliminary tax receipt will be mailed after vehicle donation has been confirmed picked up. You can get this much tax deduction.

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How to get Free Cars for Veterans

We and many non Governmental organizations are running free cars for veterans Program with the help of people like you who donate their cars to us. We Provide those cars to Needest or disabled veterans. If you are the veterans then Apply here to get your new or old Free car.

Free cars for veterans and Disabled veterans car donation are running to help vets and make pride them for their work. Free cars for charity request you to donate a car to a veterans charity program so we can help veterans. Your Donation will make smile on vets and their Family.

Special Cars For Disabled Vets

The Disabled Vets are who they lost their Body Parts to Save Country. To Protect us from the Terrorists they have to spend their whole life. Now, we have the responsibility to help them. With the Help of Universities & Local Car garage mechanics, we have developed the special Cars for disabled vets By using them they can travel Easily. Those cars for disabled vets comes with extra features. The Disable vets can easily drive that car. Then apply vehicles for Veterans Program.

How to Get Free Boat for Veterans

We donating the Old boat for veterans to help them if you are veterans and want boat then you can also apply for Free boats for Veterans Program. We also accepting Boat Donation if you want to donate us After then we donate them to veterans. If you have an old boat then help us, A large boat space in your backyard are useless. If you want to dispose of that old unwanted boat easily then contact us. If you help us in the Free boat for veteran Program then you can get benefits in your tax Deduction.

We provided the full guide on how to get free cars for veterans. Apply for the free car If you faced any difficulty then comment below. After the Applying within 10-15 days, you will get a reply from the Government.

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Leena Jenner

Hey, I am Leena Jenner owner of Free Cars for Charity. I Post regular Blog regarding the Grants run by Federal Government. My aim is to Provide relief & Charity to Peron who needs.


  • Hello, I am a senior Veteran who needs a car for my wife and myself. We have mobility problems and a car would help us greatly. Please consider us for a free car giveaway. Thank you.

  • Hi Im a Army Veteran who is in need of a vehicle. My current vehicle finally kicked the bucket not too long after moving back home to be with family in hopes to help my depression. Im a single father so just not able to buy a vehicle and i live in a rural area which provides not type of transportation to my local VA clinic which is about 25 miles away. Not only would a vehicle help me to get to my appointments but also to work in which i walk. Any help qould be appreciated. Thanknyou in advance.

  • I am a single mom of 4 that is 100% disabled and get absolutely no help child support food nothing and my 3 oldest play back to back sports and a baby i can’t be involved in a lot of their school functions because of no ride I’m not getting medical care I need because va is over an hour away hate trying to ask mom to help because I get yelled at for hours and I can’t walk in public alone to anywhere which nothing is close because of anxiety please if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated and make my kids and my life so much more happier I can’t even volunteer to get out if rgrvhoise for my sanity and depression because of no vehicle

  • I am a veteran going thru health issues. would like to get help with vehicle so i dont have to get rides or rely on other to help me get back and forth to appt and general things in life. It would also give me back some of what feels like life. Have gone in to depression cause i feel worthless and until the now never was like this.

  • Im a former Marine single parent of my three little girls ages 4 5 & 6 . Need a car , onfixed income ssi disability .For doctor , school , shopping , paying bills . Godbless ….

  • Hi, im a 15 year army vet, ive been struggling bad for a little over 2 years and im starting to get back on track but need a vehicle to get to work and be able to be a dad again. Please tell me what i need to do.

  • I’m a disabled Veteran caring for a disabled (paraplegic) wife and raising a 7 year old grandson. We survive on a SSDI and VA disability payment of under $1900 per month combined. Our only vehicle has a blown head and needs a new engine. We cannot afford this. I’ve missed my BA medical appointments since May 2018 and am in need of help. I stopped sleeping and am experiencing other related problems. We are stuck and need help!

  • Hello my name is George Sutton I am a veteran and I am in need of of a vehicle and help would be appreciated I am in despartly needing a vehicle I can’t afford one at this time and in need to get to work

  • Hello my name is George Sutton I am a veteran and I am in need of a vehicle as I just came through cancer surgery and I need to get back to work and I don’t have a vehicle to get around in

  • I had an m119a2 howitzer fall on me folding me to the ground trying to save a fellow soldiers life. I am 36 with 3 teenage kids. I need a dependable vehicle so I can see my kids and make it to my VA appointments. I would greatly appreciate this. Thank You.

  • Hello I’m a disabled veteran and father of three kids recently divorced and car no longer runs it was my means of supporting my kids now facing losing my kids due to no vehicle and a way to commute to work. In need of immediate help if possible. I had ankle fusion surgery in 2016 and now exploring g all opportunities thanks for help with people in situations like mine. God bless you all.

  • Hi my name is Michelle Sanchez my husband is Ruben Sanchez he is a veteran and he is disabled bed reason and I need a car to get him back and forth to the doctors appointments he has dementia on top of it please can somebody help donate me a car I will appreciate it and love them for it thank you very much he is 87 years old too and I love him very much and he had a stroke last year in July that is why he is bedridden

  • Hello, Im Adam Padilla. I need an affordable car to drive in and do my food deliveries and still work my second job and the Va hospital of long beach I start next week, january 22nd. 3 people hit me 2 weeks before christmas and never reimbursted me on the deductibles and car rental fees costing over $2000 I had to pay to complete repair services costing my insurance company over $10,000. I aslo crashed my car by accident after all of that and neither my auto insurance or my job will pay for it because I was working a rideshare delivery service. I now have repairs totaling $5800. Now I cant drive my car and im in debt officially. I cant trade my car into the dealership because it is a 2018 and They hsve options only costing me money I do not have. Also money is hard because Ever since my medical discharge Ive had much harder time than I thought working and communucating with people.

  • Hello I’m a 27 year old vet living ina 1 bed house with 2 elderly and a pregnant women with no heat 4 months behind on rent and no food, need a car severely bad to get to work so we can push through this hard time, if anyone can help or has advice my number is 3175290397

  • Hi, I’m in need of a vehicle to get back and forth to work, the car i have now is on its last leg, and I don’t make enough to save anything.. my credit is not the best, so i cant finance. My fiance is prego, and there are 2 other children in the home.. Please help..

  • Hello, my name is Kip Philoon. I am a disabled veteran who is currently homeless. I have just recently started working again. I am in need of a vehicle to get me to and from work and to medical and therapy appointments.

  • Hello I’m Rob Adams a marine vet , my truck is on it’s last leg and need a vehicle, we are bankrupt and financing a vehicle is not an option. The truck I have is almost at 300000 miles and my wife and I both work. The vehicle would be for commuting to work and school . We have 3 children

  • Hello,
    Since leaving Active Duty in 2013 my family and I have been doing worse and worse financially. Currently I work for the Veterans Administration but at a fraction of what my pay was on active. To make matters worse, I left active honorably but without a pension. We could really use a vehicle.

  • Im a veteran with disabilities and has lost allot. Its hard for me to get places cant afford a car payment dont have any help form family just trying to make ends meet so any help would be appreciated.

  • Hello. I am a. Navy vet. I served for 11 years. I have been going through the worst financial times of my life. I am currently unemployed and lives from friend to friend. I can not get a. Job in in my town because I have no way of getting there. To top matters of I am down to my last $20 which is all the money I have to my name. I am in desperate need of a vehicle. I would truly appreciate the opportunity to be considered for a car. I would forever be grateful, appreciative and thankful if you could grant a miracle and a dream come true. Thank you so much in advance.

  • Hello, I’m a disabled veteran that has faced many difficulties over the last few years from being medically discharged from the military, divorced and then homeless. I am currently trying to get my life back together and in need of a vehicle.

  • Hey y’all,
    I’m needing help obtaining another truck as last year mine died big time and because of financial constraints I haven’t been able to obtain another one. Thus I’m applying to help obtaining another medium sized truck so I can such freedom to continue helping people who have need of such. Thanks for considering my application.

  • Joshua is the nicest, sweetest, man ever. He was discharged on an old, discriminatory policy because he is bisexual. Even though the guys he served with knew of this. They honorably discharged ending his career. Even though they discriminated against him, he was not hateful over it. He said “I served for the guys that were in my unit, the safety of our country, and to end the senseless genocide and harrassment of the innocent civilians in Kosovo. I served in the army, not the brand name Army. The people he served with would tell you that he took the responsibility of keeping moral up in Kosovo. He is currently rated at only 20% and has a lawyer filing for more, as he has been treated for ptsd since 2003 or so, but was never officially diagnosed with ptsd until recently. Even though this unjust he takes any opportunity to tell other Veterans about what benefits they qualify for and who they can talk to. He has even let homeless vets stay where he is staying, feeding them, giving them clothes, and going with them to enroll in VA health benefits. He is currently a patient at the Cincinnati VA. He is in the HUD-VASH program, SUDEP program,and Cognitive Processing Therapy as a part of his PTSD treatment. He also completed a 28 rehab at the Lexington, Kentucky VA and has been sober for almost 6 months. Looking for home, going to his appointments is difficult due to him not having a vehicle. He has so much potential. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from Eastern Kentucky University in 2009. He says, at least twice a week, when he gets his 100% disability compensation, he is starting his own non-profit Veterans organization. He says he wants to focus on outreach. Actually driving to veteran’s homes, knocking on their door, and explaining all the benefits they qualify for and signing them up for the ones he can while he is there. I believe him. when says he’s going to do something he does it. This car would not only help him see his kids, get to appointments, get to therapy, it would also help other vets. Joshua is the most kind person. He will literally give u the shirt off his back and give u his last dollar. One word to describe Joshua…Loyal. He will stand with you through heaven and he’ll if he is your family of friend. He truly deserves this. He would do amazing things with it. His name is Joshua Burton

  • Since my honorable discharge from the USAF in 1971 I’ve learned to help others with a pickup truck but now I’m in desperate need of a medium sized pickup truck. Last year mine died from catastrophic engine failure and due to severe financial circumstances I’ve been unable to obtain another truck to meet my needs. While I live in a big city that does have ample bus transportation opportunities they won’t allow me to haul large items like couches, tool boxes, etc. which is what I used my truck for as I helped my neighbors fulfill their needs. But without a truck my “hands are tied” in that aspect.
    Thus I submit my request to this organization in hopes they’ll help me with my need. Thanks, D. L. Frisby

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