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Get Free Cars For Single Moms 2019

cars for single moms
Written by Leena Jenner

Cars for single Moms: We help Single mom to get the free car with free Cars for single Moms campaign Program. It’s very tough to travel with a child and Especially when you are single and you have not any reliable vehicle to transport. For the single mom, it’s very tough to live single and Grow up a child and live happily. Struggling between job and child make the mother mentally and Physically stressed. We covered the various important topic for the single mom in need of a car.

The Hardest part of Singal Parent is Finance management and take care of a baby with no cash. In this situation buying a car is very Hard. It’s possible to get a free donated car if you are struggling with transportation. So, read the post it’s for single moms to get free or donated cars for single mothers. With the help of Free cars for single mom charity, you can get a new car in 10 to 15 days. So read the full post to apply for single mother free cars Program.

Get Free Cars For Single Moms From Charity

Every mom Loves her baby but Single mother is a Strong woman because of its struggling more to give a Healthy & happy life to her Children. Single moms deserve free cars because of its help her to get kids from school to go work or Regularly doctor checkups and easy travel with the baby. That’s why we posted the article on cars for single moms.

In some rural areas not easy to travel to travel with children because of a lack of Public transportation system. If you are a single mother and financially not secure from then it is possible for you to get free cars from Government, charity Non-Profit organizations. You need to just feel out free cars for single moms charity Program form.

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Here listed Organizations will help single mothers, veterans to get free cars. This organization gives you donated cars or new branded cars to needed. This organization giving cars for single mothers like you who struggle with a job which has valid driving License and she’s a Legal U.S Resident. But your income level must be below a certain level and at least to pay cars insurance. If you are Mom and also a student in any College institute then Get a Free car for Students.

Get Free or Cheap Cars from Government Car Programs

The Government Provides free car under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (TANF) to whom are single mothers who had no access to a car. A car is a single vehicle to do multiple jobs. Without its manage to all jobs and kids will be hard then that mother can apply Free cars for single moms Program to help single mothers.

The government built a very unique law of car tax. Using that car donation option you get a tax deduction in your next tax return. The State governments soon followed suit by implementing the car donating programs, This kind of program directly benefit the single mother.

Nowadays, donating old cars to become Popular who not want their old cars. Single Mothers like you easily get this donated cars.

These Government programs meet car donors and needed persons with people who receive government assistance as a means of helping them become more self-sufficient. That’s how free cars for a single mother campaign run. Other Charities and Local Car Dealers also tied up with them to run these Campaigns.

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Get Free Cars From a Non-Profit Organization


FreeCharityCars.Org is a non-profit organization that helps the single mom or needed person like you. That’s only for the United Status. This Nonprofit established in 1996. Till this date, free charity cars provided more than 4,700+ free cars to Peoples. They always help their Person who needs of it and that makes spacial about them.

Women With Drive Foundation

This foundation especially worked for the Women Empowerment since 2010. This women with drive foundation provide a good car if you participate in their job training and women skills improve Programs. The also Provides a job to Needed women to make financially independent. This organization currently only works in state Iowa, But they are increasing their charity communities

This charity organization helps to Family who unable to have money to care for families who are single. President Mark Carmer started this Non-profit organization when he becomes a father and get know actually how struggles to survive. They help to provide clothing, housing, medical and transportation services.

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After applying all of the Charity Organizations, If your request disapproved then don’t worry. There is already Much small Organization have they help to buy a car for single moms free. But you need to pay that money after the 2-3 years. When your financial condition will be stable.

How to Get Car insurance for Single Mothers

Life as a Single Parent is very difficult for the Single moms and after getting a car, you need to compulsory to buy Insurance. So how to get free car insurance for Single mothers or Cheap car insurance for single mothers. The cheapest car insurance for a single mother costs $130 Per year with two parents and teen Policy. But to get free car insurance, you need to contact an insurance company. Mostly during festival time new insurance offers offered. You can get car insurance them at that time.

When you Purchase any Car insurance Read all conditions & terms which they have. Many times People’s buy the wrong Insurance Plan and ripped their Money. You can compare many insurance plans on the Internet and then after Purchase Insurance according to your needs. Do not buy any extra Insurance Plan which you not need.

If you faced any difficulty during the Free cars for single mom campaign form simply comment below our teams will try to help you. Share this Post to your Friends.

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Leena Jenner

Hey, I am Leena Jenner owner of Free Cars for Charity. I Post regular Blog regarding the Grants run by Federal Government. My aim is to Provide relief & Charity to Peron who needs.


  • I am hoihnu from churachandpur Manipur in India.. I am a single mother can I get this free car for single mom…my two kids need a car but i have no money to buy a husband was died I want to protect my two kids my finical is not provided me so much we eat food and school tuition fee only i gave it..sometimes i can’t give all the school fee how can i buy the car…i am a illiteracy i have no job i can sell some clothes please i need your help please help me and my kids…houhnu001

    • Hey, We truly want to help you Just Apply for the Free cars for Single mom. You can find the application form in our Post. We try our Best to Help you. Stay Tuned.

      • Am in,
        I am sorry to say this but there is no application within this post. So where may we find this application? I too am a newly single mother to two special needs sons and live in a rural part of my area. How may I get help?

      • I just paid off my 2006 Dodge Stratus and then needed a rebuilt Transmission. I paid a friend has for both cars. From Denver to Grand junction Co. IDK what transpired but I believe she sold the car. And a month later I was given a towel bill and found out my car 1as totalled. So I’ve been out of a car since June 2017. I wold love and appreciate if someone could help me with this large request
        Thank you so much and Happy#aster. God bless

  • Hello. I am single, 23 yrs old, and pregnant. My car broke down on the Albama Highway last night and it was totally Damaged now. I can’t afford to fix my car or purchase new. Can someone PLEASE recommend an organization that might provide assistance for a single mom, pregnant, working, Catholic mom in the Albama area.

  • I’m in need of a car! I have cancer and am a single mom . I’ve been out of work Since being diagnosed in April 2018., I’ve come abone finaciwl hardship please anyone who can help me !

  • I would like any information if u can help my grandsons dad get a car or to fix the one he has he is in need as soon as possible as it is winter here and he NEEDS to get back to work PLEASE HELP

  • I am a single mother with a medically ill daughter who suffers with severe headaches and a problem with her knees i struggle due to the fact her doctors are not in the ocean county area so medical transporation will not assist it is not in the miliage range i need help

  • I just recently wrecked my car on Christmas eve heading to work that morning I lost control of my car causing me to flip over multiple times. I have a 3yr old daughter and I thank God she wasn’t with me when I had my wreck but right now it is very tough from getting to the grocery store or back and forth to work and especially with it being winter I can’t have my daughter in the cold ! Someone please help me ! 😭

  • Im a single mom of 4 girls which two are still under 18. I live in Wisconsin I’m currently on SSDI making only 732 a month. I was diagnosed with Malgmiant Melanoma a year and a half ago and had surgery and treatment. I’m now attempting to get a PT job. I believe it will do me wonders since I’ve been coupled up for awhile. I live in a rural area and no bus transportation. I can’t afford Uber or Lyft. I cannot get a job without reliable transportation. I’ve missed so much of my kids school function not having a car. A car would bring a Huge smile on our faces. No more bagging for rides to store, pharmacy, job, school and doctors.

  • Hellow I’m a single mother. I have a nine year old daughter. She struggles with Down syndrome, Autism and ADHD. She has many appointments. I have tried to go through her insurance company to help with rides. Many times the rides don’t show up. My car is far from reliable. Grateful if someone could please help.

  • Hi I’m looking for the form to fill out can someone please leave a link. Desperately in of a car for my 3 kids. Thank you in advance.

  • Hello im 31 years old single with a 4 yr old im not from the city nor state i live in. I loose every job i get becaue i dont have a car and rely on transportation and its terrible here … dont have good credit for a car and little income wanted to try this option

  • I’m a single mom of 2. Really need money , but can’t work because I don’t have a car. Where can I apply for a free car?

  • Hi, my name is Shannon . I am currently without a working vehicle and I have 4 children that need to get to appointments and their sports practices and games and I am also job searching after my employer of 20 years let me go because my sister unexpectedly died and I needed extra time off. I have 2 non working vehicles that I could donate in return for a running reliable vehicle. This is such a frustrating and stressful time. Thank you for any help that you could give me.

    • I am a single mpther of a 14 year old girl and a 11 uear old girl… I am on social assistance but i get the bare mininum which is barley enough to survive… I am planning to go back to work or further educate myself by going back to college. The type od work i do(drive rock truck) you kinda need your own transportaion and 3 of us in school is gonna hecktic so incase pf emergencies and just day to day life would be soo much less stressful…. Pleasr let me know if i qualify .
      Thank you 😊

  • I’m a single mom of 4 my oldest can now drive and my youngest is 2 I’ve struggled so much the last 2 years with vehicles. It’s so hard on me not to mention them.

  • Hi I am a single mom survivor of domestic violence I have a four-year-old I get around to do everything on a bicycle with her I have two broken ribs and head trauma and really need help And cannot find it.
    Where can I find Applications to fill out please help

  • Hello, I have just been diagnosed with diabetic gastroparesis even though I have been going through it for almost 9 years. I’ve been receiving LTD benefits from my previous employer which ends May 31st, 2019. Due to only being diagnosed this year, there’s not enough documentation to win SSI. My car keeps breaking down and I need a more reliable form of transportation so I can find a job. I’m also a single mom with a disabled child. The most common theory is Mild Spectrum Autism but we still don’t know for sure.

  • Hi my name is ikea pierce I’m a single mom still in school & no transportation for me to get back and forth to work and no rides to pick my son up from daycare I’m really struggling and in need of HELP bad.. if anyone can help me please I’m begging . Please contact me at+13026126052

  • Where is this post? I’m a single mother of 3 my oldest is in school my 2 littles are still to young. My car I have had since 2007 has broke down and I’m in need of it fixed or a new car. I have a part time job and would like to pick up extra shifts but I live in a rural area my sitter is a 25 min drive across my town. I work 6 mins from my house. Which is a 30 to hour walk. Depending on how fast I walk that day. I need something so I can continue to work. As well as drive to the community college and job connection center. There is no public transportation in my community except a taxi that just cost to much on my tight budget.

  • Hello my name is salvador i see this is for single moms but am a single dad can this ne for me to i dont have income right now do to no car to get to work i have 5 kids right now been alone for 2 years just got my kids from cps had to stop my other life to come and take csre of them i need help with program PleAse help ….. Salvador pratts thank u

  • Hello i am trying to find out how may I fill out to see about getting a car,,,,i am a single mom of 3 boys my oldest is 12 and my second son is 3 years old he is disabled and cant walk to much he has bone problem and my youngest just turned 2 he is also disabled he has down syndrome and a heart condition and also cant be walking,,,,i need a car to take my two disabled boys back and forth to the doctor every day and my youngest is going in for surgery

  • Hello i am trying to find out how may I fill out to see about getting a car,,,,i am a single mom of 3 boys my oldest is 12 and my second son is 3 years old he is disabled and cant walk to much he has bone problem and my youngest just turned 2 he is also disabled he has down syndrome and a heart condition and also cant be walking,,,,i need a car to take my two disabled boys back and forth to the doctor every day

  • Hi my name is Jamila Roberts I’m Currently Staying At The YWCA , Me And My 3 Children . Please if you can help us with a car I’m looking for a Morning Shift Job While they attend school and I have a 2nd shift job when they are out . The buses have our timing off track so please if you can help us with a vehicle. Thank you !

  • I just recently wrecked my car and i am looking for a job…I am a single mom of 4 the youngest being 3 months…I seriously need a reliable used car…please let me know how I can apply for this program.

  • Hi my name is Angie I am single mom of 3 the youngest is 17 years old. Since my divorce in 2017 it has been a struggle financially, so I lost my vehicle last November when I started my new job as a host I get rides and sometimes walk. I live in Az where the temps reach up to 120 and I certainly do not want to walk out in that heat, or have to rely on rides I would appreciate your help please contact me to a.rodriguez411@ hotmail. Com

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