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Get a Free Car from the Government 2019 (7 Days Delivery)

how to get a free car from the government
Written by Leena Jenner

How to Get a Free Car from the Government?

Not Everyone position is good to buy a new car. Without a car to travel is hard with family. Some places have a lack of public transport system availability that time car is the best option to travel.

Government helps those low-income families, Single Moms, Students to get a new or used car. Even Non-Profit Organizations & Non Governmental organizations ready to help those People.

They have some criteria for giving a free car. If you are under those criteria then you can also get free cars from Government. The Good Part is they don’t check credit score so even if you have the bad score of credit money still, they accept your request to the government car assistance programme.

Eligibility Criteria For Government Car Programme

For the Applying Government car Programme, you need to fit any one of the listed below criteria. If you are one of them then apply it. Government helps you to get the new free car.

  1. Victims of domestic violence:
  2. The medically needy
  3. Victims of natural disasters
  4. Families transitioning from public assistance to work
  5. Families living in transitional living shelters
  6. The working poor
  7. Veterans / Military Families
  8. Student

Single Moms: Government Provided Free cars for Single Mom who have low incomes and want a free car for transportation and to care for her baby. Single Mom using it pick up her child from school and other daily activity. Single Moms can also apply for free cars from Government Program.

Veterans: The Government takes action on veterans to request faster Because they Give their Full life to Help country. The Cars for Veterans Program already running to give Descent life for veterans.

Students: Student who is from a poor family background, NPO will help them financially and Provides a free car. Already many organizations running Free cars for Student Program. This Organization helps them with Study fees and transportation. So, Students apply today for free cars.

Disabled Peoples: The Peoples are handicapped or disabled they will get donated car for the Transporation & hill to their Pain. Disable People can apply to charity Program they will get the instant new car. You need to attached Disability Certificate with the Documents.

Update: The new program for a free car from the government program is started to apply to them with all valid documents.

Apply & Submit Document for Free car From Government

The Government Provides you a cheque or credit money in your Bank account till limit $10000-50000$. For applying, you have to submit your document to Government.

Once all the documents are verified successfully listed criteria people get easy approval and you don’t need to do a much of Paperwork and time. In Document, you need to give the Proper Reason for why you want a free car. Apply here if you face difficulty then comment below.

When you have done and applied within 15-20 days you get the answer from the Government regarding your free car.

Get Free Used Cars From Charity

The Non-Profit Organization and Non-Governmental Organization will Provide the used cars or New free cars for Low-income families. People Donated their used cars to get a tax deduction from the Government.

Donating free cars a good deal for both you and the Donator or Organizations. Donated vehicle will be Reused and the donor gets rid of from the IRS. Contact the Charity this is the best way to Get a car. If you can’t get a car then you can also try to contact Used and New Car Dealership at your nearest location.

The alternative Program of Free car From Government

If Suppose your request for a free car from the government will not be accepted then don’t worry there are many alternative options available to get a Free car. The Great Person Never loses Hope.

1)Get a Free car from the Auctions: There are thousands of cars auction organized every weekend. All Cars will be not sold. The Auction car Garage has many cars which are no one interesting to buy it. You can talk about those cars with the Auction Manager. Request them why you want a free car. Definitely, they will give you that car for free to you.

2) Request Letters & Email: For use this method you need to make a list of your’s around rich Person. Write a detailed letter on your Story. You can write a letter on the topic Why you want a free car? , If you get the Free cars then what Changes will be the happen in your life. That’s kind of lovely sweet mail melt anyone hearts & You get your new Free car.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Section

After Posting this article many People commented and send us Email and send the same Queries So we are going to cover up these Questions. Our Free Cars for Charity team. We try our best to Get a free car for People from Government. We make the World a better place.

We Suggest you use the federal government’s charity program, Submit the form for Free government Car & Grant Program. Government centralizes information from more than 1,000 government grant & Free Cars programs to help states and organizations find and apply for grants. You can Find link Button Up for Fill form.
  • Who can Apply for Free Car from Government Program?

Any Person who has a valid Car driving license identity from Government can apply for Free Government car Program. Especially Single moms, College Students, veterans, Victims of domestic violence & Needy Person who want a free car, they can apply for free car Program.

  • How to get a Delivery of Free Car from Government?

Once your Free car Application will be select the government allocates any officer of your area. After it according to the rules, they will take you to the nearest car Dealer & there you get your New car.

  • Should I get Free Truck from Government?

You can also request for the free truck under the government small business helping Program. The government started this campaign to support small entrepreneurs business.

We provided the full guide on how to get a free car from the government. Apply for the free car If you faced any difficulty then comment below. After Applying within 10-15 days, you will get a reply from the Government. We also provide Free cars for single Moms Please visit the Post.

About the author

Leena Jenner

Hey, I am Leena Jenner owner of Free Cars for Charity. I Post regular Blog regarding the Grants run by Federal Government. My aim is to Provide relief & Charity to Peron who needs.


  • I am a single mom with disabilities and can’t get any help . I’ve applied for s.s. but there taking forever like I don’t have a disease. I’ve been stuck at home with no way to get to appointmen’s or my kids to where they need to be. Can anyone help

  • I am a mom of 3 kids and i have been fighting to get disability and i have no car to get to my dr.apt.and take my kids to there apts they needed to go to . we have to have to 🚶 every were to get were we are going and thats its going to be winter out i can’t have the kids do that . i need help for a car .

  • Can someone help me find the application for a free car I’m a pregnant mother that walks everywhere and no where to stay

  • In need of a free car going through rough times for past 6 yrs after mother In law past we had everything striped away from us from to vechicles we have been struggling since then since the lost of our transportation we have lost our small bussiness cause we uses to vechile to haul merchandise to fix and sale haven’t been able to keep a job cause have no reliable transportation couldn’t if get to the doctors anymore have a hard to getting rides from anybody if had a car I can get a job driving and keep it cause I have the transportation to do the job that’s the only thing keeps me from having the job of my dreams that will get us out of the financial slump we are in

  • I’m 58 years old grandma with s child with ADHD and autism cant afford a 500 car payment.on ss from my ss I have to provide for him any help will be appreciated

  • I live in Warsaw and I am disabled I can’t walk but a little without falling down. I am 61 years old and my wife left me. I have Doctors appointments I keep cancelling because of transportation and getting the things I need from the stores and other appointments like for my electric and pain management will not take me because I have no transportation. I am stranded. Please, I need an SUV because it is easier for me to get in to. Thank You

  • I am a mother of 2 boys it’s been hard ever since I had my oldest son. I can’t bring him to Dr appointment or let them do any activity they would like to do and keeping a job is had to because I don’t have a ride to go back and forth and you have to work around everyone else schedule when you don’t have a car. Having a car would be great for my boys to bring them to there Dr appointment and activities they like to do and I can work and keep a steady job.

  • I am a disabled widow, and in need of a vehicle to get me to my Drs. And visit my Family in another Town, without worrying about breaking down, I have been through so much in the last two years, I have no one for help , I’m on a set income and can’t afford a car payment, I can only eat 1 meal a day , I have worked all my Life And didn’t want to go on Disability but my Health wouldn’t let me work anymore!

  • I’m a single mom living in a rural area. Just got out of a abusive relationship of 8 years. I also was diagnosed with Malgmiant Melanoma a year and a half ago . I’m at stage 3C I had surgery and treatment. I know would live to go back to work PT. But without a car it’s in possibly. I live in Footville,wi no taxi no bus. And no work. It would also help going to grocery store Dr appointment, kids functions
    Please help yget back on my feet.

  • I need a car for family and i we do not live in town to take a bus and have no family here i have a 9 month old girl and and on disability and my husband lost his job we have to pay fpr rides all the time please help us

  • I need a car because I am a single woman in a homeless shelter. I Left my families’ home due to domestic violence. I suffer from mental illness, currently applying for disability with my case manager. A car would allow me to achieve my goals and stimulate health into my life and allow me to take care of realities I can’t afford to tend to on my own. I hope you can help.

  • Hi again,

    I left a short message because I thought it would be published. My name is Susan not Sally—for protection purposes. Thank you for your time and for presenting this opportunity.

    Just to tell you a little bit more, I am a 26 year old single woman , again, currently homeless in a 30 day shelter, which they have kindly extended my stay here to continue to work on me in terms of applying for housing, income, and vehicle resources. I am unable to work because of the traumas that exist around my soul. I have been on government assistance funding since I was a baby (I am first generation American) I went to university at no cost because of financial aid. I had to leave parents’ home 8 months ago (May 2018) due to domestic violence coming from high school peers and extended family. God needed me to be on my own to meditate and fix the evil tendencies using God rhetoric. My souls emergence came with a calling to heal my family who suffer from PTSD (30 year war struggle for independence—family is from Eritrea) . I also suffer from bullying from peers at age 26. They have intentions to attack me psychologically so that I do not excel in the academic arena and their attacks are severe. After 13 years, I am able to free myself verbally about how I got jumped my senior year of high school (2011) and throughout college. They have made a commitment to themselves to always harass me and attempt to impact my being with detrimental issues to handicap my being. So that I exist with diseases like epilepsy or exist with very poor conscience health. Family members and educators, unfortunately, have been a part of these attacks and that’s why God does not want me to be at home because no one is protecting me, and so many people were involved. I had to move through space accordingly for 13 years to finally experience a reality where I am able to talk about the situation, I made calculated efforts to protect myself to ensure I exist with excellent health, which they didn’t want for me. My meditation is severe and it disables me from working. My case manager and several doctors I have seen in the past 8 months have affirmed that I receive government income. I am very grateful for this. I hope to achieve a free car as well.

    Thank you so much for your time.


    Susan Tewolde

  • Hi, I am a 62 year old female. Have had 3 back operations and been on SSDI for over 10 years because of it. I live in a tiny town with no buses other then the Medicaid bus which I need 2 days notice to use. I can not carry groceries on the bus and the bus ride to doctor appts really hurt my back because of the hard ride. Would I be able to gain a car? I live in South Carolina. I have no family to help or take me where I need to go. Which in return has made me pretty home bound.

  • I am currently living w/my daughter’s father. While no longer in a “relationship” other than co-parenting I cannot move away from his because he wants continued control over me & does not want me to leave or become independent. He won’t allow access to vehicle so I can find a job & get back & forth to work.

  • We are a family of 6 having begun our new lives in Ohio , we have found it difficult to find reasonable cost effective accommodation , and employment within the city we live in.
    We have found work in various locations in and around Cleveland ,but have to walk a distance about 45mins to the nearest RTA bus stop in order to get to work. As a family transitioning from a public assistance to work program, in 2018 from the few dollars we had managed to save we purchased a vehicle unfortunately in the latter end of November 2018 we became the victims of a motor vehicle accident in which our under $1500 vehicle was damaged to repair cost exceeding the value of the vehicle.
    We are struggling to meet with our current financial commitments in terms of our house rental and are just managing to feed our family. I had the misfortune of having broken my foot in 3 places walking in the snow , ice covered side walks makes it difficult for me and leaves me in pain when having to get to and from public transport and to and from in order to conduct our daily needs and responsibilities .we also have a disabled child who needs to attend medical services however the RTA does not enter our neighborhood to be able to pick her up . As part of my being able to secure employment I have been asked that I should have a reliable vehicle to me to and from work and because there is no public transport that operates after 8 o’clock at night that is able to bring me home I am left stranded.
    Hence I am reaching out to your organisations and seek your help and assistance

  • Hello Sabrina i just got a friend out of that same situation but her man was like a brother to me i knew him for years and i thought the world of him because he never showed that part of him to me at all. Im just saying if u want help and ur truly going to leave him and loose all cannections with him text me i see what i can do for u my number is 3193615389.

  • Hi we would like to ask the goverment for a new car please we can’t afford a car and have to travel we’re we want to be please

  • Hi we would like to ask the goverment for a new car please we can’t afford a car and have to travel we’re we want to be please

  • I am a single mom of 2 boys my car just recently caught fire and burned to the ground, i am also a victim of sexual assault and have no money to buy a new car. Please help me find a free car. Where are the links to actually apply for these donated cars?

  • I need a car desperately I have a rare disease causes me to have blood clots 42 so far i have had protein c difference its called ,necrotizing vasculitis as well i cant be sitting to long in vehicles so there for i cant take any kind of public transportation i cant be asking xrivers to dtop frequently to stand and move around i also have major back problems anyway if tberes a way for me to get help please help me i need a car to get me to and from appointments, food stores etc i have children with same disabilities as myself to .please i dont have much money i live on ssi wbich is only 765 month i need a car anything would be appreciated .conniel527@gmail .com 2154318137 is a way to reach me i am very desparate for a car or truck i would appreciate any kind of help . I dont like to beg for anything i would somehow try to pay back for vehicle as well.connie leon 3465 Brownsville rd Trevose pa 19053

  • Please i need help im disabeled and i neex a car to get to and from drs im very ill and i cant take public transportation xue yo blood clots i have 42 clots i cant sit to long in buses etc at leasr i can get out and walk aRound to get my blood flowing every fifteen min public transportation will not work due to the protein c diffency.m vhildren have same problem as well its rare but i have this its stops me from doing alot of things i neex to get to all my xrs .i was recently as matter as fact diavnosed with cervical cancer now devastated me im scared anx alone i have nobody to talk to tbis about im 52 years old .pleaze i need help cinding a vehicle cheap or cree i only get ssi which is only 765 a montb around im in need of help i hate to ask for help but i am in orxer to ztay alive please help me .2154318127.3465 brownsville rd trevoze pa 19053. Connie leon is my name

  • Please i need help im disabeled and i need of a free car to get to and from drs im very ill and i cant take public transportation xue yo blood clots i have 42 clots i cant sit to long in buses etc at leasr i can get out and walk aRound to get my blood flowing every fifteen min public transportation will not work due to the protein c diffency.m vhildren have same problem as well its rare but i have this its stops me from doing alot of things i neex to get to all my drs .i was recently as matter as fact diavnosed with cervical cancer now devastated me im scared anx alone i have nobody to talk to tbis about im 52 years old .pleaze i need help cinding a vehicle cheap or cree i only get ssi which is only 765 a montb around im in need of help i hate to ask for help but i am in orxer to ztay alive please help me .2154318127.3465 brownsville rd trevose pa 19053. Connie leon is my name

  • I’m in need of a vehicle after a long 5 years in a domestic abuse relationship my youngest daughter dad had passed away last year he had isolated me from everyone and everything.. I had ended up losing custody of my kids temporary due to him abusing me I’m in the process of getting them back but I am in dyer need of a vehicle to be able to get to my appointment and my visits with my kids I’ve had jobs where I’ve walked a mile there and back an also took transits but then end up losing them due to relying on family for rides it’s really just me and I have to start from rock bottom trying to get everything back together with no one or no help. I’ve have missed doctors appointments with my counselor due to transportation issues..

  • I want to start off thanking you of giving me the chance of telling my story about my grand daughter that I’ve been raising since birth. To start off she’s 7 years old today 1/28/2019 and I’ve been trying since 2015/2016 looking for a charity that donates vans or vehicles for disability children,I have been trying to make my grand child wish come true I’ve promised her in due time it will happen that we will get a larger van so she don’t have to keep ducking her head and bending her back and legs hurts when stepping into van we have,she has gotta taller so I have to make things work with the van I have which is a 2006 Dodge Caravan,which keeps breaking down as I write today we have no heat,no AC no room or space so I have to put back seat down into floor in order for her to get in and out of van we have blankets in van to keep warm but when its to cold I reach out to family and friends for rides back and forward to appointments. She suffer with CP which is a brain injury she’s had since birth,she had stroke in the womb that caused the left side of her body to be weak she seeks Medical attention on a daily basis stemming from seeing a cardiologist gastro doctor occupational therapy physical therapy neurology Ophthalmology ear nose and throat doctors and the list goes on I want to make her wish come true she’s always asking me saying MiMi my neck hurts or my back hurts also to state she can’t walk long distance she’s in custom car seat and also has mobile and standard wheel chair,she has a lot of disabilities and I desperately am in need of a reliable vehicle or conversion van that’s high enough for her so she doesn’t have to duck getting into the vehicle I’m asking if you can how could you got me to a place that can help me get the vehicle that I need to get her back and forth to her doctor’s appointments through children’s hospital and her family physician I appreciate you giving me the time to tell my story but this will be a birthday that she would never forget she always asks me when I’m I going to get the new van so thank you again.

  • I am a 44 yr old mom of 4. I am disabled due to vocal chord paralysis(can barely talk and can’t breathe normally. June of last year my CPU in my car went went out and I couldn’t afford to fix it. I haven’t been able to get to my pain clinic nor any other doctor’s appointments. Aug. of last year I was served foreclosure papers on my house. I have no where to go and no vehicle. It’s also been hard to see my 2 youngest since I have no car. Can anyone help me please?

  • Hi I live in Tn and can’t find resources like yours. I have custody of my special needs grandson that has to travel back and forth to lebonheur children’s hospital specialists. I inherited my fathers truck but can’t afford to get it fixed to keep from breaking down. I draw disability and resources are hard to find. I was hoping maybe your organization could help my family in getting the truck fixed up for him please? He is 2 1/2 yrs old with dysphasia, gtube in his stomach which he gets his feeds through, severe reflux, allergies, and usually in and out of the hospital. With a auto that we can’t rely on in emergencies or appointments it gets really hard. Thank you for your time and pray for any help you can provide.
    Tabitha Lents

  • Hello, Everyone! i want to say first that we all need to put God first in our lives and start praying to him about our needs!!!! Okay all this is new to me. I’m a 52 year old woman i got laid off of my job in May of 2018 LOST EVERYTHING!! no family support, my own kids doesn’t even support me. And to all the single mothers GOD BLESS YOU… I’m single mom myself 6 children all grown of course. They all finished high school and 3 finish College all doing well for themselves, ladies it was not easy i put my life on hold for all my kids and now I’m going through hardship myself. I lost my new truck in the lay off of my job. I use to have pride! but pride has gone out the door. Can someone please help me with the Government Car Program I’ve decided to go to Nursing School for my LPN I’m already a Laboratory Tech. I’ve been without income for 8 months ( no joke) i only get food stamps, living with my daughter and it’s not easy. I fight depression everyday God wakes me but I know I must PRESS ON!

  • I have doctor appt to go to can’t afford a car I need way store to get food hard to get a ride to go to appts I’m on SSI disability I need help

  • Hi I’m single mom of two girls s I’m diacnostic whit Colon cancer stage 4 43 years lod I sell art an my car is gone I’m having so much trouble going to my appointments for my chemo and to move around to sell my stuff I’m concurrently living in my Rv because i reduce all my Spence but las week my oldes daughter had an accident an we lost our car I really need it to take my kids to school , my groceries I don’t have many stores near me. how I can get the aplication for this Can any one help me please.

  • Im trying to get my life together and it seem like ive been trying to get it together for years now. Everyy time i take a step forward i always get knocked 10 steps back. My car was jacked about a week ago. I havent been able to work and support myself yet alone get back on track to get my son back. I never really ask for anything but this would be a great blessing

  • i am 50 years old police man in Pakistan. I have one mother, one wife & 5 children. i’m serving 23 years in enforcing department but i’m not buy own car. i need car, please help me.

  • I have a very close friend who lost her husband to last big earthquake here in California and then recently lost her vehicle to a storm we had out here a tree fell crushing her only transportation she so desperately needs a car to get to her Dr appointments church etc her name is Olga she is a beautiful kind soul who has had alot of tragedy in her life. Please help her get a much needed car thank you God bless

  • I’m low income mental health mature student. I’m 34 yrs old and I broke bones and behind on everything I have gotten s veral job opportunities but no public transportation and I have no money bc been out work I’m bout to be homeless and school bout to drop me I’ve went through all govntm agencies including sec 8 tanf 211 rapid rehousing cathlic charities everyone I’m considered high emergency and they still can’t help or I’m on huge waiting list idk what to do I tried everything I need a vehicle to get to work it’s probably to late bc I don’t know what to do I’m starving but can’t get to food place my phone off using WiFi only please somebody help not asking for money I was on dissability most life and I didn’t want to be on it since I got off i got welding fast track degree truck driver school i got class A and I’m enrolled at ctu for buisness administration I’m getting evicted on be 12 0lz help with vehicle I can’t start over again davidrobbins0373@gmail .com
    Thank you

  • Hi my name is Raymond I am a terminally ill single father of two 9yr old boy and a 12 yr old girl that live with me I go to the doctor 2 /3 time a month kids have school stuff and we need a car bad with out a car I can not keep my baby’s they are what keeps me going I can not afford a car I love my kids and will do anything for them but living on a disability is not easy for one but trying to raise children on any budget is not easy we don’t have much but with out a car we don’t have any thing thank you and GOD BLESS

  • I am on disability I get 980 a month I need a car my wife and I are separated I cannot afford a car I depend on people who gives me a ride when I ask but everybody I know works I need a car to get back and forth to a doctor’s appointment I need a car to go around grocery shopping I need a car to go pick up my daughter I just need some help all my money goes on my bills I cannot afford a car

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