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7 Tips to Make your Old Car Looks New

Written by Leena Jenner

We all want to feel comfortable when travelling in our Vehicle. After periods of a year, the car started to feel likes old or having some Problems. Not Everyone can afford a new car every couple of years because cars are expensive. If you buy old cars or received free from any charity then it looks creepy. But after some little modification or repairs, it’s started looking new. When we talk about old car engine then those are gems compare to new modern car vehicle. The Build quality of the old car is tough because it has Good chases but what about the car interior So, here are the Simple Hacks to make your old cars feel like new.

How to Make old Car Looks New?

Average car Lifetime of New car is 5-7 Years after it’s started having some Problems but we can extend our car life some more few years if we maintained it good. That will also increase your car Price when you sold in second-hand Market. You can also use these tips when you buy old cars or getting an old car from charity and Donation. Implementation of these tips are not much costly and hard you can do even from local car mechanics can do it.

Clean Interiors of Car

You never like to travel in a car where some Dust, Popcorns, Chips & chocolate wrappers have inside of a car Right so, We recommend you to take the garage to your car and clean deep inside from it. Mostly when we go for a car wash that time they only clean it from Outside. You can also do this at home with a vacuum cleaner.

Always Place one small dustJar in your car so when you have some Garbage throw in it. Purchase some Good Pocket Air Freshener that makes smells good inside from car. A habit of the clean car inside once a monthly help so much. Use Some zipzap bag and put in a car glove box. You can also put an important car Papers and driving Licence in that. Also, clean car luggage area and check the Tyre Change kit is working good or not. It’s very important in an emergency like car Punctures.

Restore Car Head Lights & Tail Lamps

After some time car head Light glass started becomes Yellow and a little scratch on it makes looks dull. When you travel with this Lights in a night that’s also a risk, We suggest you use Toothpaste hack, Yes with ToothPaste 😛😛

Clean Car Headlights

  1. Clean your car headlights & Tail Lamps with first Hot Water & Clean it.
  2. Now, Take a ToothPaste and apply all over light Surface.
  3. Take an old Soft toothbrush and rub it in one direction to another side on Glass.
  4. Now, clean with Normal water.

You can see that shinning of Headlights glass have come back and the looks better than before that. We also suggest you change old Light bulbs with modern Led Lights or DRLS That gives Luxury Feels to your car.

Replace old Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are very important in the condition of rain & Slow. We also use Wipers as a tool of clear Main Windshield Glass. But after using couples of times microfiber of wipers becomes hard. The sunny weather also makes them Hard and when we used this windshield wipers the chances of Scratches on Glass becomes very High. We recommend you to clean your glass with Paper & Foam Liquid.

We recommend you to Purchase set of windshield wipers with motors because motor also becomes slow after using 3-5 Years. Purchase only High-Quality Soft windshield which fits in Your car.

Repair Old car Dent Scratches & RePaint

When you drive a car on road after a few years you will see little scratches on a Paint surface. That caused by the small stone & Craps on road. Accidental scratches and dent also ruined the beauty of a car.

Tips to remove car Dent:

  • Apply hot water on dent if dent on a Fiber body.
  • If dent on a metal body then removes with a Rubber glue Technique.

The Scratches on your cars Paint little then repaint it or more than wrapped your car its a best suggestion by us. The wrapping price is cheaper than the whole car repaint and also its keep originality of the car. You can easily remove the wrapping from the car.

We recommend you to Park car always under the roof or wear car cover so direct sunlight does not come on Paint and help it to keeps the Paint shines. You can also try 9H ceramic coating on Paint from the local market.

Upgrade your Car Accessories

Imagine When you go on a long drive with car fresh & Cold air comes out from ac, the music sound gives some boost in amazing weather what a good dream. When you drive an old car you will not find any air conditional system and the Music car system is out-of-date. Even you can’t attach USB or no Bluetooth connection in it. That situation is complete like Headache. You will be gonna frustrate during Trip.

Upgrade car music system

That’s why we Recommend you to upgrade your Air conditional System and the Music Player with HD Display System. Buy a Good Speaker with 8 Port amplifier which has Good Bass.

Replace Seat Covers & Floor Mates

Using so many years Seat covers becomes Hard and Softness of it’s Gone. Same with the Floor Mates also it looks so dirty. We recommend you to change seat cover with new basic, unobtrusive colours seat covers. Take Seat covers according to your Comfort.

Replace Car Seat Covers

Replace old Floor Mates with the new 3D or 5D Floor Mates that looks Beautiful in Car.

Upgrade Old Car Tyres and Rims

The most important thing in the car after the engine is car tyres. So, Change your car after every 3 years. When you upgrade this time tyre choose with new Sports alloy and rims, It gives dashing look to your Car.

Car alloy & Rims

You can also choose 16-inch alloy wheel if your car mechanic Give Permission to you. The alloy choices and colour depend on your choice currently, in the market, there are thousands of type alloy designs available.

So, In this post, we have shown you how you can make your old car look as new. If you having a query or want to suggest us a more new tip then please comment below. Our team will be trying to help you in a short time.

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