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How to Get Rolls Royce Starlight in Your Car

Optical Fiber Star Light in Car
Written by Leena Jenner

People Loves to make their car unique and want to Feel Luxurious when they Travel in it. Nowadays you can get Premium Luxurious car Feature just by spending some extra Bucks in aftermarket Car accessories. Those accessories Prices are very Less compare to the luxurious car. Rolls Royce star Light on roof one of the best thing that People attracting on that. Here in this Post, we are sharing how you get Rolls Royce Starlight Feature in your car by spending less than 100$. So, If you want to give your old car Budget car to Luxury feels then Read till the end.

What is the Rolls Royce StarLight?

Rolls Royce luxury car brand famous among the world for the Luxurious and comfort of the car. Not every person can buy the Rolls Royce car because it’s cost around $600,000 USD! That’s too high for any middle-class Family. Rolls Royce car is more famous for its Starlight lighting on their roof. That’s giving beautiful look in dark it feels like you are sitting under the Night sky and sky is full of beautiful stars. Those starlight features have huge Fanbase for it.

Optical Fiber Star Ceiling Light

Many People want to add those feature in their car but they don’t know how to add it, We are sharing the secret of that starlight and how you can install that starlight feature in under 100$ in your car.

The starlight is made of Fiber optic cable and the Light comes from the Fiber optic Projector. Fibre optic cable has an amazing capacity to transmit light from one end to the second end That’s why Fibre optic cable nowadays uses for information Transmission but we can also use it as a decoration. You can decorate your car ceiling, Home ceiling and wall with this Beautiful Fiber optic star Light Kit.

How to install Star Light in your Normal Car?

The Starlight has two important Parts for working. The first is the Optical fibre cable and the second is an optical Fibre Projector. As we know the fibre cable has amazing strength to transmit light from end to end Point. This Fibre optic cable is attached with the optical fibre Projector. This Optical projector sends colourful lights to fibre cable. The fibre Projector is working on normal 10W that’s a good you can directly give power source from your car Battery.

Star Light Kit

For the starlight effect in your car, you have to purchase first optical fibre cable and Projector. You can buy these two things easily from the Amazon or Wallmart.  You can find so many sellers on Amazon offering optical fibre star ceiling kit.

We recommend you to buy this star ceiling kit. Because this Projector can give so many beautiful colours and light effects. Even you can change this light and mode with a help of small remort.

Note: When you buying star light kit that time buy long and at least 250pcs optical fibre cable roll so the Projector will easily hide in your car boot space.

After buying this kit Follow the below steps.

Required Tools: Hot Glue Gun, small drill Machine, Socket wrench toolbox, a small switch, cutter.

  1. Open your car hood with help of a socket wrench you can also take help of any car mechanic during this Process.
  2. Now, Mark the 250 holes on the back side of car hood with a marker.Optical fibre Star light hole Marking
  3. Fit smallest 0.2mm hole adjustment in Drill machine and start drilling all hole.
  4. Now, insert 1 pc of the optical cable in a hole and stick it there with a help of Hot Glue Gun.Star light on Hood
  5. Do the same  Process with the all-optical cables.

Now you have to Fit the car hood with screws again very safely again in your car. Fit the old Light and mirror fitting completely. When you fit the hood take the second end of all cable fit in car body and take it to a car dicky. Connect the optical fibre cable with a Projector Properly.

You have to cut now extra optical cable using a cutter. The cutting Process takes time but does it slowly otherwise glue will unstick. After cutting Process the car hood looks like as before. You can add one more thin layer of Black fabric for Perfect Finishing.

The fibre projector work on electricity so you have to now arrange 12w Power supply for it. We suggest you take help of car mechanic because they have proper knowledge of car wiring. The car wiring work is risky if you joint wire wrong so the fear of short circuit should.

Optical Fiber Light in car

Place a separate switch for start light near your car steering so it’s easy to turn on and turn off Lights. The Starlight can also control with the help of remote control. Change the different colours according to your mood.

So, here we have shared the how to get Rolls Royce Starlight in your normal car at a very less Price. If you face any difficulty during the Installation Process of the Starlight then comment below our team will help you as soon Possible. Share this Star Light trick to your Friends and Family.

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