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How to service your car at home

How to repair car at Home
Written by Leena Jenner

The Mechanical instrument needs maintenance like oil checking, Old Part replacing and much more. The car service is essential to process to maintain Car Engine Performance. Every car owner should do service their car at a particular time. Most of People do this Maintainance service process with the Nearest car Garage. But this Service cost is very high in the car Garage. Not every Person can afford this costly Expanse. If you are Searching for do car service process at home then here we have posted Detailed article on them you can simply read and Follow the Procedures.

How to Service Your Car by Your Self

The normal car maintenance service becomes expensive because the garage mechanic adds their High-value Margin in it. If you want to save some bucks then you can do service your car by yourself at home. To do service your car not need any high degree. You have to just little car knowledge about how the car engine works. You can also simply read our guide and follow the Procedures.

Before doing this Process you need to have Proper tools to perform this task. You have to also Purchase some stuff like car engine oil, Engine belt etc. We recommend you to purchase this item from Walmart or online website before doing this service Process.

Follow the below Procedures to do car service at home.

How to Check the Car Tire & Breaks

Tires are an important component in the car to support vehicle load and for absorbing road shocks. Check the car tire Pressure is Perfect or not. If tire air pressure is low then maintain with electric Portable car Pump. This Pump will also come with a Puncture repairs kit. You can repair your Puncture in the same Location.

Repair car brake at home

Replace your titre position after every 6 months because of its increase the usability of it. Also, check the spare wheel air is fine or not and car Jack is present there or not.

After complete tire checkup now checks your car brakes working or not Properly. Because accidental Break Failure will put you in danger situation.

How to Check the Car Fluids

Every car owner wants to keep their car in Good working conditions. You can also get a good car experience if you replace your car Fluids regularly. The car has the many Parts where you need to check fluids. The Car has engine oil, Brake Fluid, Gearbox oil, Radiator coolant, Windscreen water, Battery Water, Clutch fluid. Each fluid has for Particular machine Part.

service car at home

Car Engine oil: Every car has own Fluid replacement Periods. Mostly old Version car need to change oil after 4000 Km and New version car 10,000 Km. We recommend you to check your car Manual Book. You will find when your car needs to change the oil. You can check engine oil Quality by the rod have with the Engine. If oil is more Black and thick then you need to have change oil. Engine oil is like the blood of Car.

Radiator Coolant: Radiator is continuously provided air to the car engine and worked as a coolant for it. The Ethelyn Glycol and the water mixture have in the coolant. If you can’t maintain the Coolant water level then radiator stopped working and Because of that, the Biggest problem occurs in the Car engine.

Hydraulic Fluid: Many places have in the car where Hydraulic systems are used. Hydraulic system work on a basis of Hydraulic Fluid. We have to Maintain Fluid Level in them to work properly. Clutch fluid, Brake Fluid, Gearbox oil and other Different fluid need to change.

Windscreen Washer Liquid: For the windscreen washer Fluid you can use the normal water or any Water with Foam solution you can use. Usually, Windscreen washer box have near the Car Battery.

Battery Water: Battery Generates Electricity power from the chemical Procedure, For that, you have to add coolant Pure water in it. Remove the from around the Plug.

 How to Replace Car Spark Plug

The spark PLug is used in the car for. The spark plug is also replaced after specific km, You can check your Car Manual for Spark plug replacing Period. Buy another spark plug Before the replacing old one. Normally Spark Plug price have  $12 to $17. The tools you required during the change process is another socket Plug, Ratchet, and 12inch socket Extension.

How to change car Spark Plug

Follow the step to Change Car Spark Plug

  1. Locate your Car Spark Plug the Thick black rubber cap wear on it.
  2. Remove that wire cap slowly and all wire.
  3. Now with the help of ratchet remove old spark Plug.
  4. Install the New Spark plug by hand and then tighten with a wrench and Fit the Black Cap Again.
  5. Spark Plug replace Process is complete Now.

Normally the car has four or six spark Plug it depends on the car cylinder. Follow again this Procedure until you did not change all Spark Plug.

How to Perform Basic car Safety Check List

When you performing the service of the car to service much small stuff also Important. If you did not maintain this stuff this thing will annoy you when you traveling. That’s why service or replace them is important. There are many things need to check example Handbrakes, Windscreen mirrors, Horn, Car Lights, Wipers, Air conditioner system and much more.

Must Check this

  • Car Horn:- Check the Horn is Working Fine.
  • Car Seatbelts: All seatbelts of a car should be working fine and if they are Jammed then do Proper oiling.
  • Windscreen Wipers:- The Windscreen will be working fine on different mode as well Water also spray out of them. We recommend you to check wipers every six months to save your front glass From the Scratches.
  • Car Lights:- Check all  Front & Back Lights working Properly and Side Signal Lights also working Properly Fine. If any Lights not working then change the Bulb of it.
  • Airconditioner System:- The car AC should be working in both Automatic & Manual Mode and the flow of the air Properly coming on the back seat.
  • Fuse Box:- The Fuse Box of the Car placed below the steering wheel. Open that box and check each Fuse is Working.
  • Music System:- Check all speakers are working Fine, Mostly the Wire soldering needs to done if the speaker not working.

How to Clean Car Filters?

The new Generations car has multiple Filters in the car to filter impurities. We have to clean those filter after some of particular time else Line will be chock or system will be not working Properly. Here are the Filters which you have to clean in your next car service.

Engine Air Filter: Car Engine filters worked to filter dust and Carbon Particles which pass through it. we need to clean this engine air filter because it affects engine Performance. In the car manual, they have mentioned where your car model engine Filter located. Open them and clean filter with air Pressure gun of Water Pressure gun.

Fuel Filter: The new car filter cost around 25$ but it protects car engine from costly Damage. We recommend you to replace fuel filter after every 5000 km.

Car-Air Conditioner Filter: The car ac Filter smell and dust from the air. Generally, car ac filter located below the glove box. You need to remove the first glove box and then ac Filter. We have to clean this filter with the water and again replaced to it.

So, In this Post, we have shared basic tips on how to service your car at home. If you face any difficulty during the service or have any queries then comment below our team try to help you as soon as Possible. Please, Share this article with your Friends and Family.

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