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Latest Tata Harrier Review 2019

Tata Harrier 2019 Reviews, Specifications
Written by Leena Jenner

Tata has just launched the new tata harrier with sports car look xuv and suddenly it’s got Popular in India market. The car booking started and its waiting time goes up to 3 months for Delivery. Tata really working hard to get up Indian car market. Tata launching one by one good car like Nexon, Tigor, Hexa, Tiago, Hexa, zest and still planning to launch harrier seven-seaters car. Today we are going to review of Tata Harrier review 2019 4 seaters.

The Harrier is expected to bring a whole new set of buyers to Tata Motors’ showrooms. Neat! Of course, the Omegarc has been tweaked for Indian conditions with extensive use of high strength steel, but we’re told all the architecture hardpoints have been retained. The suspension has been worked upon by Land Rover and Lotus both, the latter working on the rear suspension in particular.

Tata Harrier 2019 Design Review

Tata Harrier reminds me of the design of Lamborghini Urus. Most of the design traits of the H5X concept have been transported over. The distinctiveness of the Harrier’s face grabs your attention first due to the LED daytime running lamps.

Tata Harrier 2019 Design

The DRLs of the car is formed like bolts of lightning and also function as turn indicators, adding to the upmarket feel. The harrier top xz variant Headlamps have HID projectors. Mirrors are big enough to compliment the SUV’s butch looking front nicely. It is the ground clearance of 205mm assists also by adding to its stance.

Proceed to the side, and you will almost be amazed by the Harrier’s length, as it is a big SUV with an overall width of 4,598mm. The rear looks very distinctive due to the three-dimensional design of the tail lamps and the gloss black strip connecting them from end to end.

The rear three quarter is my favorite angle to look at the Harrier because it seems unlike any other SUV in the market from the angle. I also liked the fact that there aren’t any badges on the tailgate except for the Harrier name, that has been placed interestingly, directly in the middle, under the number plate. Paint caliber and fit-finish levels are good overall, but, close inspection did reveal some uneven panel openings in some areas, which is something I’m hoping will be taken care of by the time the Harrier is launched.

Tata Harrier Interior Review 2019

The Harrier’s interior design and the generous use of leather inside a good deal. Taking center stage on top of the dashboard is a floating, wide-format 8.8-inch touchscreen with a crisp resolution. Tata Motors has been focusing on extensively on dash designs of late, and the Harrier’s dashboard looks and feels very premium. Not only that – fit-finish levels inside the cabin are the best we have seen from Tata however that adds to the Harrier’s appeal for a premium SUV, apart from where the layout of the dashboard is clean and looks very pleasing to the eye.

The choice of materials and surface finishes throughout the cabin is commendable too. The top of the dashboard is coated in soft-touch plastic from end to end, followed with a faux textured wood finish onto the central rib. This deep cavity is also home to the USB port for connecting smartphones; unfortunately, also it’s difficult to utilize the USB slot machine without having to stoop down to hunt for this!

tata harrier interior 2019


Door panels sport the same perforated brown leather as the chairs that add to the cabin’s excellent texture. The parking brake lever looks like an aircraft’s push lever, and while it does look fancy, it takes up a lot of space and also tends to hit items set in the cup holders behind it once lowered. The steering wheel seems comfortable but has more buttons on either side, though thankfully getting used to them is easy.

Additionally, it offers a lot of information and can even mirror some of the features of the infotainment screen like music, navigation, etc. On the other hand, the tell-tale lights on the display could certainly be made larger, since they are too little and are positioned in the bottom left corner of the screen, making them extremely easy to overlook.

The speedometer is a normal analog unit and stays on the right side of the display. And while we are talking about the interiors, the Harrier’s AC warrants a mention as well, for its excellent cooling capabilities. December is not the month to test a car’s air-conditioning. However, we found the Harrier’s AC powerful enough to cool its huge cabin speedily, to the point of the driver and front passenger beginning to feel chilly.

Harrier Car Seats Review

Seats are lavish and comfortable, and the driver also gets adjustable lumbar support. Nevertheless, finding one’s sweet place for the driving position is not the fastest affair, a frequent complaint with Tata automobiles. Also, I wish the side-bolstering for the driver’s seat was designed better in terms of its contours.

I want the view from behind the wheel though as you sit and get a towering view of the edges of the hood and the road ahead. The steering wheel also offers tilt and telescopic adjustability equally, which will be welcome. Most importantly, the Tata Harrier is one of the most significant vehicles in its segment, which translates to lots of space inside be it in the front or the back or the boot. Driver and passenger have plenty of room to move around at the front, while the rear seat is comfortable due to its good recline angle and under-thigh support.

The back seat also offers lots of legroom, even with a six-footer in the front, and this is superb. Given the chair’s contours seating three persons abreast should not be a problem either. Cubby holes have been abounding at the rear too, including an additional slot in the door panel to place your cell phone or wallet.

The rear Poll has air conditioner system with adjustable airflow. The boot of harrier is very big and offers a good volume of 425 minutes, which is impressive.

Harrier Dashboard Review

Harrier infotainment system offers six speakers and two tweeters of JBL Sound Systema, and they also support apple car play and android auto connectivity. The Display of the infotainment system is 9 inch.

Tata Harrier 2019 Interior Review

Drive modes are a standard Tata affair Eco, City and Sport and can be altered via buttons below the infotainment display. Additionally, the Harrier also receives a rotary knob that lets you select from three Terrain Response Modes. This is isn’t as advanced as the system onto the Land Rovers though, as the Harrier is not a four-wheel drive SUV.

The Harrier also comes equipped with niceties like an auto headlamp on, rain sensing wipers, rear parking sensors, rear parking with switchable views along with a cornering purpose for the fog lamps, even though I’d have enjoyed powered adjustment for the driver’s seat at the least. On the safety front, the XZ version comes equipped with six airbags while double airbags are standard across the range.

There’s a brake disc wiping function also, which uses the brakes extremely slightly to wash the disks if sensors detect the existence of water or dirt on them. ORVMs additionally use a projector beam to make the Harrier’s shape in the dark on the road below instead of regular paychecks lamps, inspired by the Range Rover, and that’s something buyers in the segment are sure to appreciate.

Under the Harrier’s hood is the Fiat-sourced 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine, dubbed Kryotec by Tata Motors. It has been detuned in the interest of higher fuel efficiency (Tata Motors has not shown the Harrier’s claimed fuel efficiency figure nevertheless ). The engine is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox, and this is the sole engine-gearbox combination on offer currently and while an automatic transmission is anticipated, there is absolutely no timeline for this yet.

Tata Harrier car Engine

Engine performance is great enough for you not to find the Harrier to be underpowered when compared to the Compass using its acceleration, and it also builds revs fast. The clutch is light for a diesel, but bicycle traveling is too long, making it slightly cumbersome to use until you get used to the bite point. And almost every time I got on or off the throttle, there was a bit of sound in the engine compartment which felt odd.

Tata Harrier Gearbox 2019

The gearbox is pretty good to use, however, but having said that I wish the shift quality were slightly better. And one thing which may disappoint some buyers is the lack of the option of an automatic transmission in the Harrier, especially those looking to push in metropolitan areas where rush hour traffic may be a critical concern. I felt engine refinement could have been half a notch better, apart from which the engine also makes itself audible at high revs. But unfortunately, the 2.0-liter Fiat diesel engine is a noisy one by nature, though better noise insulation must help in making the cabin quieter. Tata Motors has ensured us that the cars we drove were pre-production units though and that these problems are going to be taken care of in production cars.

Side Projector Glass Logo

Side Projector Glass Logo

There are noticeable amounts of wind noise at high speeds too, due to the massive size of the ORVMs. But smaller mirrors would not have seemed high given the Harrier’s large size, which is a bit of an issue too. Where the Tata Harrier impresses the most though is its ride and handling package. This is the place where the efforts put in by the engineering team shine through. Expectedly, the association with Land Rover for the platform and Lotus for the suspension tuning has helped Tata Motors get the Harrier’s dynamics place on.

The Harrier uses the same independent suspension since the Land Rover Discovery Sports upfront, though in the rear it uses a semi-independent twist blade’ installation. The suspension did a superb job of soaking up some of the worst of potholes and ruts during my driveway. In fact, on a couple of events, I anticipated the suspension to generate a loud crashing noise but neither did it make any noise nor did it let any of the shocks reach me, which can be seriously impressive!

Final Verdicts

The Tata Harrier gets started next month in January 2019 as Tata Motors’ first salvo of the year. The manufacturer has worked thoroughly on getting a variety of facets right with this one, also learning from its previous mistakes. The association with Land Rover for the job is bearing some exotic fruits as well, given the Harrier’s impressive dynamics.

Harrier 2019 Verdicts

Tata Motors’ efforts in terms of making the Harrier an attractive package as a premium SUV total are commendable too, given the equipment levels, distance, the ambiance inside the cabin and much more. The SUV still very few, (little!) Rough edges which have to smoothen out and I am hoping the production versions will come without the minor niggles our test cars had.

When it goes on sale, the Tata Harrier will contend with the segment’s best-seller, the Hyundai Creta, as also the Jeep Compass, Renault Captur, and even the Mahindra XUV500. That is a serious collection of competitors which means the SUV will have its action cut out right from the word go. Pricing will play a key role, and we anticipate the Harrier to be priced between Rs 13 lakh to 18 lakh ex-showroom, provided the gear list. Tata Motors is putting its best foot forward this time and it should be interesting to see how this carrier’ takes flight.

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